Crackerjacks Baseball 
​​Coach Holcomb
aka "Coach Bob"
Youth baseball instruction should not be equated too closely with pro ball. There are important implications of attention span, physiological and psycho-social development, field and rule differences, and playing purely “for the love of the game” which all combine to make teaching kids a totally unique and specialized venture.
I began coaching kids' baseball teams in 1979. I immediately got hooked and didn’t look back until 2015, when I decided to leave team management to become a personal coach! Only through comprehensive study and many seasons of hands-on experience could I discover how children learn the game, how they’re motivated, what they’re capable of…. and how I could be effective in teaching them.
My development as a coach intensified in 1990, when I first attended the Little League World Series. For years I was a regular presence in Williamsport, learning from watching the teams practice and appreciating what made them winners. Much of my current methodology came from those years of watching and appreciating what brought others success.
My baseball resume includes 35+ years as a Little League Head Coach/Manager (as well as two years of Junior Babe Ruth and one year of High School baseball - Durham School of the Arts, as an Assistant). 2019 will be my 5th year facilitating lessons through Crackerjacks Baseball. In Little League, I managed 50+ teams, including 4 District Champions, with two finishing 2nd and 3rd in State competition. For years I maintained Coaching Certification through Doyle Baseball Academy and attended numerous clinics through UNC-Charlotte, Duke University, Grand Slam USA, Sparky Anderson, Tommy Lasorda and Grady Little, to name a few. I earned a Master's Degree in Human Development and Learning (MHDL) from UNCC and retired in 2008 from a career in Counseling and Human Services (Vocational Rehabilitation Services).
As your player’s personal coach, I’m interested in his or her holistic development on the baseball field.  By helping to establish and build upon a foundation, by making learning fun and imaginative, by believing whole heartedly in the potential of every student, and by challenging players to raise the bar at a healthy rate, I do my best to  motivate learning and to enhance their functional relationship with the game.
Thank you for your interest Crackerjacks Baseball! Please don't hesitate to call, text or email Coach Bob if you have any questions!

Photography by Christine Prisk