Coaching Youth Baseball in NC
since 1979

​Crackerjacks Baseball is now in our 5th year of operation!

Photography by Christine Prisk

Making Learning Simple, Fun, and Affordable

crackerjack -  "a player or team with power and exceptional skill"
From Wikipedia's Glossary of Baseball Terms
To schedule an appointment for training with a personal coach click on the "appointments" tab at the top of this page (on your mobile device, click on "More" and then "Appointments"). Crackerjacks Baseball is owned and facilitated by Bob Holcomb, who conducts lessons in Durham, NC. We can also refer to and recommend Chad Sykes for pitching lessons in June and July in Creedmore and Frankie Mylott for batting lessons in Mebane.
Appointments can be scheduled for any of Coach Bob's preset times at 1706 Maryland Ave. by clicking on "Appointments" above. He will provide individual and small group lessons in hitting, fielding, pitching or whatever best fits your player's baseball needs. An individualized training program is developed within a 1 hour session. Crackerjacks specializes in teaching pre-high school baseball players and teams, because we have decades of experience and success working with them. And our services are offered at an affordable rate - $40 per hour, and $25 for 30 minutes!
We promote conditioning, muscle memory, a winning approach and self confidence - simple as that! Baseball shouldn't be rocket science for your pre-high school player! It should be challenging and fun to learn! 
* Note: Scholarships and adjusted fees are available on a needs basis.

  1. Muscle Memory
    Good mechanics comes from positive repetition in earnest PRIOR to game play - NOT from the sidelines or stands during the contest! With a regimen of instruction, practice at home, and conscientious application at team practice, your player will learn to react on the field in an excellent manner!
  2. The Winning Approach
    Having an intelligent approach on defense, from the mound, and in the batters box are critical to a player's success on the field of play. Muscle memory only goes so far, and kids are often ill prepared for the thinking part of the game. Through our training, your player will learn a simple, yet effective approach for each component of their game.
  3. Self Confidence
    With 6-14 year-old kids, confidence is more important than any other variable when it comes to success on the field. Our primary goal is to instill a high level of confidence through the establishment of muscle memory, a solid approach, and through informative feedback and hands-on experiences designed for success!