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We are interested in the holistic development of your player, and we can meet with you in YOUR neighborhood to provide our services. We are committed to providing a quality experience for your young athlete at an affordable rate.

1706 Maryland Ave.
Durham, NC 27705
This Crackerjacks Baseball Training Area for Pitchers will be expanded upon and reopened in June 2017, through Coach Holcomb. Batting instruction will also be offered from this site!

Herndon Park
511 Scott King Road
Durham, NC 27713

  1. We Come to You!
    We Come to You!
    Working with a student at Herndon Park.
  2. Specializing in Pre-HS Athletes
    Specializing in Pre-HS Athletes
    We specialize in working with pre-high school players, because we have decades of experience in youth baseball.
  3. Holistic Training
    Holistic Training
    A conditioning, strength and wellness component can be included in a 1-hour lesson, upon request.
  4. Flexible Schedule, 6 Days Per Week!
    Flexible Schedule, 6 Days Per Week!
    Appointments can be scheduled online during designated times and locations, and/or by request at your location and at your best time.
  5. Assessment and Feedback Services!
    Assessment and Feedback Services!
    Written feedback can be provided relative to your player's progress at no extra charge. Just ask, and I'll respond by email.
  6. Conditioning for Pitchers
    Conditioning for Pitchers
    Posterior rotator cuff stretch

      Frankie Mylott

Photos from Williamsport!