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To set up an appointment with Coach Bob Holcomb or Coach Chad Sykes just click on that button (on left) and you'll be taken to their respective booking sites. Coach Holcomb's bookings are primarily at one of the Herndon Park cages and/or his home training area, located at 1706 Maryland Avenue in Durham.  Coach Sykes operates during the summer months from his home cages located at 1158 Will Suitt Road, Creedmoor, 27522. If you have trouble scheduling your appointment, please call, text, or email Coach Bob at 919-477-5251 and or Coach Sykes at 919-358-4907 and Thanks for giving Crackerjacks Baseball a chance to train your baseball player!
Note: It is our policy that we would  NOT interfere with SDLL Team activities at Herndon Park. Consequently, there may be times when we would not have access to a cage being claimed by an SDLL team for their pre-game batting practice. To keep the cost for our services to a minimum, we access public park cages on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Congratulations to the 2017  9/10-Year-Old Little League District 6 Champions from South Durham LL!